Some Great Dog Competitions in The World

Some Great Dog Competitions in The World

Some Great Dog Competitions in The World – There are some popular dog shows and competitions in the world. People can find them as what can be seen in the competitions involving Siberian huskies in Bulgaria. The competition has international scales so many dog owners and breeders can join. In this case, there are still many famous dog competitions and shows all over the world. These are some of the greatest and biggest shows that can be seen.

First, it is Beverly Hills Dog Competition. The competition is held annually and it is usually around April and May each year. The dog show may take place in Beverly Hills, but it has become very popular and many people in the world love to see the competitions. This involves many dogs. There can be 2000 canines and 207 breeds joining the competition. The competition also has many kinds of category. There are categories for agility, obedience, and even barn hunt. Beauty contest is part of it and even it is one of the most popular ones where many participants join the competition and beautiful dogs can be seen on the stage.

Master Agility Dog Championship is also interesting. As its name shows, it is a competition to test agility of canines. The competition is divided into some round. It starts with qualifying round where the dogs will compete on some agility tests on the available tracks. This requires speed, strength, accuracy, and also control of the dog. The qualified dogs will then join the Championship round. This is the final round and there can be standard agility course and jumpers and weavers course. Each of course has different category to test so the participants can choose depending on what their dogs excel in one of the field. In the final of Master Agility Championships, there will only be 10 breeds to compete.

Some Great Dog Competitions in The World

World Dog Show can become one of the most important dog shows in the world. It involves participants from many countries. The event is held annually and the organizer of the show is Federation Cynologique Internationale or FCI. The competition has been started since 1971 and it was held regularly every year in different place. It always takes place in famous city in many countries, such as Amsterdam, Shanghai, and Madrid. The competition involves more than 10000 breeds. The dogs in top position will get title and Certificate of Aptitude at the International Championship of Beauty. As for the competitions, there are some categories, such as agility, conformation, and obedience. There are usually 10 judges that will determine the winners of the competition.

Other dog competition held by FCI is the FCI Dog Dance

Championship. The competition is mainly about dancing competition. There is no limitation of breeds to compete. Similar to the previous competition by FCI, this is also held annually and the place will keep changing among cities in the world. Usually, it takes place in November. There are three sections of the competition and it is based on the origin of participants. The sections include European Section, American, Caribbean, and Asia Section, and Africa and Oceania Section. There are some aspect that will determine the winner, such as artistic interpretation, welfare of the dog, and presentation.

Tracking Championship is nice competition to see dog’s nature. This is not merely test stamina and strength, but it is to test dog’s capability to track based on scent. It is good for dogs that are trained for search and rescue. The competition may be held by American Kennel Club, but it has become international competition. Even, the place of competition is not only in United States, but it can be held in other countries because it is international scale. This is held annually and currently it is sponsored by Royal Canine. The competition focuses on the dog’s ability to discover and follow the scent for tracking. There are different field categories, and it ranges from 440 yards to 1000 yards. Many dogs can participate in the competition as long as the dog is more than 6 month before entering the competition.

Mostly, dogs are trained to play with disc or frisbee. The dog is trained to catch the disc. In fact, there is competition about it and it is international dog competition. It is called as Disc Dog Championship. As its name, the competition is mainly to see how the dog catches the disc. To judge the winner, the dog has two portions as the source of scoring. First is the performance and the second is one is bonus point. Bonus point can be obtained based on the numbers of discs that can be caught by the dog during limited time. As for the performance, some aspects are judged. Those are how the dogs jump, stand, and balance the body. In fact, there is better point when the dog can catch higher discs because these require better balance and power.