Some Popular Dog Competition for Siberian Husky in Bulgaria

Some Popular Dog Competition for Siberian Husky in Bulgaria

Some Popular Dog Competition for Siberian Husky in Bulgaria – Siberian husky is nice dog. In term of appearance, surely most of people love the dogs. Then, the huskies can do many kinds of activities. That is why there are also many competitions and shows for huskies. Ranges of competitions have many variations, and such as the international dog shows and competitions in Bulgaria and the competitions in other countries. Mostly, it is not just for beauty shows. Physical capabilities of huskies show that they can do more than just beauty contests. These are some of the popular competitions and activities for Siberian huskies.

First, it is shows and contests for agility. Huskies have quite huge bodies but they are quite agile and they can move fast. Then, the dogs can also maneuver well. Of course, Siberian huskies are easy to train so the competitions and races are common. The agility contests and competitions involve some movements, such as jumps, ramps, weave poles, and tunnels. These require speeds for the dogs to reach the final line quickly. Then, the dogs should also have accuracy to deal with all of the obstacles. The agility contests are actually common in many breeds, and huskies are among the tops because the physical conditions of Siberian huskies are good for the competitions. With more practices and trainings, the dogs will be able to gain good speed, control, and accuracy to handle the obstacles along the race.

Some Popular Dog Competition for Siberian Husky in Bulgaria

Bikejoring is next one. This may sound unfamiliar for some people. The competitions are quite common in United States. The bikejoring will bring the nature of Siberian husky as puller. However, this will not use sled that will be pulled by the dog. Dog owner is going to have such a bike that will be pulled by the Siberian husky. In this case, of course it is not just power, speed, and stamina of the dog because the dog should be familiar with some verbal cues and commands. These are to control the dog during the competition. The competition is actually not a race, but it is more for fun. However, there is still prize for the winner.

Next, it is canicross. This also becomes nice competition that will bring the nature of the Siberian husky as the puller. However, the dog is not going to pull any cart, sled, or other tools. The one that will be pulled is the dog owner that will participate with the dog. It is more like jogging with the dog, but the dog owner will not hold a leash to control the dog. Of course, it is challenging because Siberian husky tends to have low focus and the dog can be less reliable without leash. In fact, there is still leash, but it will not be held by held. The leash will be connected to the belt that will make the dog still able to pull the owner. Compared to bikejoring, this can be quite easier to do in term of controlling the dog although dog owner still cannot use hand to control the dog.

Carting becomes next competition that will be nice for Siberian husky. The dog originally was intended to pull cart or sled on the snow. In the carting contest, the dog will also pull cart. There are two types of competition. First, it pull cart with human on it, and the second one is to pull cart without human. However, carting is not done on snow so it will not use sled. There can be adults on the cart, but it can also be kid depending on type of completion. This will require good stamina and of course the competition will not be conducted on the concrete or hard-soiled ground because these can be dangerous for the dog. Dog will still receive command to control the race. This can have one husky to pull the cart, but there can be more than just one husky.

As what is mentioned before, there are also beauty contests for huskies. This is called as conformation. This is more of a show than competition although the most beautiful dog based on judges will win the prize. There can be shows for many breeds as contestants, but there can be shows only for the huskies. In this case, Siberian husky is known for beauty and cuteness, so it is possible to compete with other breeds of dog. There is nothing wrong about it. The competition focuses on beauty so it will not see stamina, strength, and speed. It is more about fur, body posture and appearance of the dog.

Some dogs love swimming and Siberian husky is one of them. Thus, there is diving competition among the huskies. Although the name is diving dog, it is not to make the dog to dive into the water. It is more to swim as quickly as possible to win the race. Normally, it is held in dock with range up to 40 feet. Then, the dog will need to jump and swim in the water to reach the destination. Usually, the competition uses the dog’s favorite toys to trigger the dog to swim faster to reach the destination.